Comptia Security+

Security+ Course – 1.1 Malware

1.1.1 Comparing viruses, worms and Trojans All malware has 2 parts: Propagation Mechanism- the way that a malware object spreads Payload- The malicious action that the malware performs Viruses These are spread by human behaviour The best way to fight viruses is with human behaviour training. Worms These spread by themselves They infect a system without a user doing anything…

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SQL Server, Technology

SQL Server: Configuring & Troubleshooting Database Mail

Database mail is great tool which allows you to send notification emails from your SQL Server. You can use to send notifications for things like backups, error, resource alerts etc… Configuring Database Mail Using the SSMS Wizard Go to Management -> Right Click on ‘Database Mail’ and select ‘Configure Database Mail’ Select the first option ‘Setup Database Mail by performing…

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