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1. Azure Concepts

Overview of Azure Services

The Core Services of Azure:

  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Networking
  • Storage

Almost every service in Azure is built on one or more of these.

Azure VM and APP Services

What is a Virtual Machine? (assuming if you are studying this course you already know what a virtual machine is…)

  • Windows or Linux
  • Can be accessed using RDP or SSH
  • Can be placed on a virtual network

You are responsible for managing server

Virtual Machines Abstractions

App Services

These are fully managed servers and you don’t have remote access to them.

  • Web apps or container apps
  • Windows or Linux (you cant pick the version)
  • Lots of benefits in scaling, continuous improvement etc…


Azure Storage and Data Services

NB: data services are not covered on this exam

Azure Storage

  • Can have as many storage accounts as you want. You don’t pay for the account, you pay for amount of data stored.
  • Create accounts up to 5 PB each (nearly $50,000 per month for this….)
  • Blobs, queues, files, tables
  • Various levels of replications
  • Storage tiers (hot, cool, archive)
  • Managed (for VMs)or unmanaged

Data Services – SQL Server Related

  • Azure SQL database
  • Azure SQL Managed instance
  • SQL Server on a virtual machine
  • Synapse Analytics (SQL Data Warehouse)

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