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PowerShell Resources

As a Sys Admin, I am probably a bit late to the party with how useful PowerShell can be. I have lately completed a couple of online courses about PowerShell and am trying to use it as much as I can in my day to day work. I am finding it incredibly useful in work and relatively easy to pick up. But it takes a bit of extra effort to get into it. Yes, you can keep doing things the way you are used to: using the GUI, remoting into servers 1 at a time to to make changes etc… And at times you just need to get things done ASAP, not leaving you time to figure out how to do it with PowerShell. But when you get some experience with PowerShell and see how easy it can be to make a change to 2/ 20/2000 servers you really see how useful it can be.

Useful PowerShell Scripts

At the time of writing, I haven’t actually written any useful PowerShell scripts myself (well none I would be proud of sharing on the internet). Whats the point of re-inventing the wheel anyway? For most of the tasks I want to do someone else has probably already written a better script than I have! Might as well take advantage of them and modify them to suit my needs. There a million good and useful scripts out there, here are a couple I have tested and am using in production:

Ping Monitor


Simple ping script to monitor multiple IP address from multiple sources. Script will email you when a device doesn’t respond for 3 failed pings, and every 500 pings after that. It will also send you another email when connectivity is restored.

Author, Martin Pugh, is a PowerShell Powerhouse. You can find more about him and learn a lot more about PowerShell on his twitter and website (One of his presentation videos is also featured here a bit later in the Tutorials section):






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