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Jocko Podcast #2 – Q and A

Episode 2: Jocko Podcast #2 – With Echo Charles | “About Face” Book, Mental Toughness, New Years Resolutions

Part 1 of this podcast is review of “About Face”

Part 2 is the internet questions

My son is 7 years old and I want to get him int Jiu Jitsu. What lessons has it thought you in life?
It teaches you humility because it forces you to surrender to people who are smaller than you, not as good athletes as you, younger/older than you.
It will teach about respect.
It will teach you discipline. If you want to get better at it and reach your goal, you just have to do it. It teaches you about the discipline to keep doing it on the days you may not feel like doing it.
It teaches you that using brains and tactics trump meeting force on force. Jiu Jitsu is about being more crafty. It teaches you this for life.

With the new year approaching, what have you changed your mind about?
The biggest thing that’s been the radical change in 2015 is the fact that I am out there in the world. I am now a lot more connected to the internet and social media. I never wanted to be part of this before but now I think its awesome. Being able to connect with people and motivate them and instil some discipline in them feels great. People are reaching out to me and telling me how the podcasts have changed their life and its inspiring to me.

Your sleep routine: how many hours sleep do you get? How do you get to sleep if you are not tired? Do you take naps?
I don’t need a tone of sleep. I generally sleep 5-6 hours. I feel groggy if I sleep for 7 hours. If I have to do something boring or tedious, that’s when I feel tired.
Power naps are great. A high school teacher gave me advice to put your feet higher than your head for a rest and power nap. In Seal Teams we might have 8 minutes to get ready before a deployment. This was to get your gear ready, go to the toilet etc… It would take me 1 minute to get my gear ready, then I would lie on the floor, put my feet on the bed and have a nap for 6 minutes. It you sleep longer than that sometimes you start to feel groggy.
If you want to go to bed earlier, you have to get up earlier. It doesn’t work in reverse. I love the feeling of exhaustion when I am going to bed at night so when my head hits the pillow I’m out. That’s the feeling I’m going for everyday, just burn it out.

In regards to achieving goals, how do you deal with loved ones who seem determined to hold you back?
Many people are negative in the world. A lot of people are haters. When someone starts doing something well, other people can get jealous pretty quickly.
When people aren’t approving what you are doing or giving you praise for what you are doing, that’s your fault for expecting it. You are the one LOOKING for approval, looking for praise and support. You shouldn’t expect anything from anybody. You should go forth and conquer anyway. Don’t let anybody hold you back.
If you are letting people hold you back, its your fault. You need to take ownership and move on. You have to make people understand why what you are doing is important and why it will benefit you and your loved ones in the long run. Explain the WHY.

What are the bullet points and keys to success for motivating and engaging your team as a leader?
Leadership, although there are basic fundamental principles, it is not something that can be “bulletised”. It is like trying to “bulletise” something like how to play the guitar. It is an art, it is a practice. It is a nuanced tool that comes with practice. The basic principles are:

  • Build relationships
  • Communicate well with your team
  • Give respect
  • Make sure your team understand the why
  • Understand their perspective


What are the best tactics to remain focused?
When I have to do something I need to focus on I turn off TV, music, videos, phone etc… There is a thing we used in the Seal Teams called: Task Condition Standard

  • Here is the Task
  • Here is the Conditions around the task
  • Here is the Standard you need to complete the task to

When we were writing Extreme Ownership I set the Tasks, Conditions and Standards for what I needed to do.

  • Task: To write
  • Condition: I was writing the draft and I knew it didn’t have to be perfect
  • Standard: I said every day I am going to write 1000 words regardless and I tried to do it in an hour or less

No phone, no music in the background. Just get it done


Any advice on balancing the 1000 things you have to do every day?
If you try and handle all your tasks at once, you will fail.  What you have to do is Prioritise and Execute. This is the same on business and on the battlefield.

To get things done:

  • The day before, make list of everything you need to get done the following day
  • You have to put on your schedule WHEN you are going to do these things. This puts a time limit on the tasks  which makes you get them done.

Task lists and calendars should be connected intimately.

New Year’s Resolutions: What is your one thing you need to do in 2016 to make everything easier?
I think, for the most part, that resolutions are little feel good statements that people use to delay execution.
Don’t make a resolution for tomorrow. Don’t execute then, execute now!
A year is a long to commit to any resolution. A long term strategic goal is fine, but make sure you have some short term tactical goals to achieve this.
Make it a resolution of discipline to get: better, stronger, faster, healthier, more productive, less agitated, to eat cleaner, live more, to go, to do. Don’t do it on New Years Day. Do it now. That resolution of discipline, to work and follow through, and maintain your will. That will result in the freedom you are looking for. Discipline equals Freedom.

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