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Jocko Podcast #4 – Q and A

Jocko Podcast #4: RENDEZVOUS WITH DEATH, Disrespect, Workouts


How important is mentoring?

It is very important. You need to find good mentors and suck knowledge from them as much as possible. Mentoring other people is also very important. You need to make sure you are mentoring people right and doing a good job. When you leave, this is what you are leaving behind.

When mentoring you need to leave your ego aside. The goal of mentoring is too make people that are better than you. And you have to be proud when that happens.


You say you keep your expectations of people low. But do you ever call people out for being disrespectful or things like that?

I don’t see a lot of disrespect, people don’t seem to disrespect me a lot which makes it hard for me to answer this question.

I believe that if you carry yourself well, if you carry yourself respectfully, and you respect other people, not only will people respect you, they will not disrespect other people in your presence.

All things I tell people to do (get up early, workout, train Ju jitsu, study, better yourself) help people gain confidence. And when you walk around with confidence people respect you.

Carry yourself with confidence and respect and people will respect you. That will eliminate the need for having to call people out who disrespect you.


You do a lot of strength training in your workouts, do you do any stretching or mobility work? Do you think this is important? Especially for an aging Ju Jitsu player.

Absolutely, stretching and mobility are important.  I don’t do enough and I should do more. But a lot of movements I do, they do incorporate mobility work. For instance when I squat, I squat all the way to the bottom into the full squat position. This gives me good hip mobility. When you do muscle ups or ring dips you are getting some good mobility work for the shoulders.

Whenever I get injured I spend more time on mobility, which is a bad way to do it. It should be the other way around. I need to be more disciplined with my mobility work. I don’t find it that enjoyable or satisfying. Which is probably why I don’t do enough.

I do the mobility WOD with Kelly Starrett and I go through his book the Supple Leopard.


Do you think you can have too much on your plate? How do manage multiple tasks?

Yes you can have too much on your plate, that being said, you probably don’t have good time management. You’re probably:

  • Sleeping late
  • Not focused
  • Listening to music when you are trying to work and get distracted

A lot of times when people ay they have too much on their plate, they are not attacking the problems.

If you have too many things on your plate, go see how many of those tasks you can complete in 30 mins. There is a lot you can get done in 30 mins if you focus and get on track. If you have too much on your plate, you probably need to stop wasting time.

Now if you are truly taxed, which does happen, what do you do? Prioritise and execute:

  • Make a list of what needs to be done
  • Put them in order of priority
  • Execute the highest priority first

Another thing you can do is delegate. Delegate to your team or hire someone to help.


Do you ever fail to wake up early?

Yes it does happen. I have multiple alarm clocks. If it’s a critical situation like I have a flight to catch, all those alarm clocks are on. I never sleep in on days like that.

If it is a Sunday and I am not doing anything, and if the alarm goes off at 4.30am and I decide to get a little extra sleep. Then I wake at 5.30am or 6am, I immediately feel guilty. The guilt is because I know I have missed the best part of the day, I have missed the morning, I have missed the sunrise. I am addicted to that feeling of seeing that. Once you are on the train of getting up early, you love that feeling of getting your day started right and seeing the sunrise. So when you miss it, it feels like you went backwards and makes you feel bad.

There were a lot guys with me that didn’t come back and don’t get the opportunity to get up early and seize the day, so I am letting those guys down by not doing it. You want to live a positive life that’s worthy of their sacrifice, and when you don’t, you feel guilty about it.

If I feel like my body needs more sleep then I will go to bed earlier, rather than sleeping in more.


How do you take leadership over yourself? Do the same principles apply? How is it different?

You have to be able to detach. If you can detach from inside your own brain, you can become your own leader. The principles are the same:

  • Having clear goals
  • Having discipline
  • Prioritise and execute
  • Taking extreme ownership (when things are going bad for you, when you make mistakes)

You are your own leader. Make the most out of the opportunities you have through hard work and discipline. YOU are responsible for the path you take. Don’t waste time with things that don’t matter.

  • Get in the game
  • Get to work
  • Get to living

This is your life, lead it. Lead your life how you want to lead it. Every second of every day, take leadership of your life.

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