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16. Manage VM Backups


Enabling VM Backups

  • Go to the VM  -> Backup
  • Selecting an existing Recovery Vault or create a new one
  • Choose backup policy: the default is daily but you can customise your own
    – Frequency
    – time to run
    – Retention period

You can also run a manual backup by clicking on Backup Now from the backups dashboard.

Backup Jobs

To view the status of backup job go to VM -> Backup -> Backup Jobs

Form here you can see a list of your backups with the details and their status (In progress, completed, failed etc…)

Restoring a Backup

Once you have some completed backups of your VM, they will appear as “Restore Points” from the “Backup” screen.

If you click on the 3 dots in the restore point row you get 2 options:

  1. Restore VM
    – Restores the whole VM
    – allows you to create new VM or replace existing
  2. File Recovery
    – this allows you to select certain files to recover from your backup

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