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3. PowerShell & CLI

There is no programming on the exam (.NET, APIs, Java etc…), but there are questions on scripting using Powershell and CLI

How is this tested?

You do not get to choose the scripting language, EG: they will tell you to use Powershell or Bash

Method 1: Performance based testing (note this is not common on the exam…)

You are given an instance of Azure and asked to perform a set of tasks. EG:

  • Create a Vnet with this name
  • Create VM

NOTE: you can perform the task any way you want, through portal, Powershell or CLI

Method 2: Code in question

An example for this would be: “Does the following line of code stop the Finance group accessing HR resources?”


Memorising PowerShell and CLI Commands

Predictable CLI

There is an azure CLI reference page:

All commands start with “az”

Virtual Machines CLI commands are like this:

  • Az vm list
  • Az vm create
  • Az vm delete

Azure Virtual network commands are similar:

  • Az network vnet list
  • Az network vnet create
  • Az network vnet delete
  • Az network vnet subnet list
  • Az network vnet subnet  create
  • Az network vnet subnet delete

Predictable PowerShell

Reference page:

Virtual machine commands

  • Get-AzVM
  • New-AvZM
  • Remove-AzVM

Virtual network commands:

  • Get-AzVirtualNetwork
  • New-AzVirtualNetwork
  • Remove-AzVirtualNetwork
  • Get-AzVirtualNetworkSubnetConfig
  • New-AzVirtualNetworkSubnetConfig
  • Remove-AzVirtualNetworkSubnetConfig

NOTE: Powershell module used to be called AzureRM but it is now AZ

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