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Comptia Security+ (SY0-501) Study Notes

I am working my way through the online course “Cert Prep: CompTIA Security+” by Michael Chapple. This is available on Lynda and LinkedIn Learning. These are my study notes-

Section 1 – Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities

1.1 Malware

1.2 Understanding Attackers

1.3 Understanding Attack Types

1.4 Application Attacks

1.5 Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing

1.6 Impact of Vulnerabilities


Section 2 – Technologies and Tools

2.1 TCP/IP

2.2 Network Security Devices

2.3 Managing Secure Networks

2.4 Wireless Networking

2.5 Security and Monitoring Technologies

2.6 Security Assessment Tools

2.7 Security Troubleshooting

2.8 Personnel Security

2.9 Host Security

2.10 Mobile Device Security

2.11 Securing Protocols


Section 3 – Architecture & Design

3.1 Security Design

3.2 User Training

3.3 Security Network Design

3.4 Secure Systems Design

3.5. Secure Staging and Development

3.6 Embedded System Security

3.7 Software Development Security

3.8 Cloud Computing and Virtualisation

3.9 Physical Security


Section 4 – Identification, Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting

4.1 Identification

4.2 Authentication

4.3 Authorisation

4.4 Account Management


Section 5 – Risk Management

5.1 Control and Risks

5.2 Supply Chain Risk

5.3 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

5.4 Incident Response

5.5 Forensics

5.6 Data Security and Privacy


Section 6 – Cryptography

6.1 Encryption

6.2 Symmetric Cryptography

6.3 Asymmetric Cyptography

6.4 Key Management

6.5 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

6.6 Cryptanalytic Attacks

6.7 Cryptographic Applications

10 thoughts on “Comptia Security+ (SY0-501) Study Notes

  1. Hi Sean,

    I just wanted to say, thank you! I had watched Mike C.’s LinkedIn Learning 501 videos and thought I was going to have to watch it again to take notes – then found your site (thanks to Google search as well, I guess)! I love how the notes were organized and were so easy to navigate. I took my Security+ certification this past weekend and passed – this was one of my main study resources, so thanks again! 🙂


    1. Hi Tig,
      Thanks for the feedback!
      Congratulations on passing the exam and delighted to hear my notes were of help.
      Any plans for your next certification? I am trying to decide at the moment what to do next.


      1. ….I thought I was going to do more security stuff, won’t be doing that anymore 🙂 I’m thinking of learning Cloud Computing (Azure specifically)

        1. Its like you read my mind! I was actually thinking of doing Azure Cloud Computing! I am just trying to figure which of the “AZ-XXX” certs to start with.

  2. Hey man, just a check in, But i Passed.
    CompTIA Sec+
    CompTIA CySA
    MTA Networking Fundamentals and
    CHFI through EC-COUNCIL.

    Hopefully I’ll find a job soon.

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